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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

We all want to control, some of us to greater extent than others. The greater the fear, the greater the control; and there is a fine line between being organised, and getting stuff done, and walking in our gifting and Gods will and walking in control because we don’t trust Him. The problem is if we front trust God then the result will control due to fear, and fear stinks. One of the big areas this plays out in is when it comes to finance, as Martin Luther said Christians need their wallets saved…

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Recent Posts


| 09th January 2020 | Religion & Spirituality

The bible calls for people to repent (Change mind and direction, not just at conversion but at other points in life I have been looking for real experiences of repentance, faith and Salvation and I believe 2020 is going to be about us experiencing this happen. About a sharpening of vision and therefore lives as God moves in his church....

Jesus Comes As A Promise

| 10th December 2019 | Religion & Spirituality

PLEASE NOTE:  There is some static on the audio. God is not a man that he should lie, which means we can trust in him because he is always faithful to who he is. If God promises something he will see it through, it might take longer than we think and may even work out differently from what we expected, but God is always faithful to His promises. This was shown in the praise of Jesus given hundreds of years before he came, but he still came and fulfilled all the promises about himself....

2 Corinthians 10: The Ministry of Defence

| 13th November 2019 | Religion & Spirituality

Spiritual Warfare is one of those areas that Christians often talk about but few fully understand. Many have heard about, but few engage with. For some it’s about screaming at the devil and rebuking everything that goes bump in the night. For others; Satan doesn’t exist so its not an issue. For many though it just doesn’t feature on our radar - we lead our lives through the situations we face and the decisions we make. We are naturally bound and the spiritual doesn’t feature from day to day. Yet the bible gives us a different picture - there is the physical and there is the natural and both exist in conjugation with each other, and the Spiritual although not seen with our physical eyes is more real than the natural. So we need to be a people who understand the Spiritual realm and how we are to wage war....

2 Corinthians 6-7: The House of God

| 28th October 2019 | Religion & Spirituality

Have you ever had such an experience of God that it truly has changed you? That you really have encountered the living God, not just an emotion, not just because you thought you should, but God moved so powerful that something in you, in your life shifted and you were never the same again? I believe this is something God has for all of us, that God wants to totally wreck us that we can never be the same again. I believe God wants to move in such a way that he births a new found sense of holiness and purity. That we flee from sin and pursue righteousness - sanctification. John Wesley believed that sinlessness through sanctification of the Spirit was possible for the believer. When our lives are completely devoted to him, then sin does not reign in our mortal bodies (Romans 6v12). Others believe this is blasphemous and not possible and may lead to apathy - yet the bible continues to urge us on. Even Paul wrote in Philippians 3 that he has not attained it yet or was not already perfected (that was in resurrection life), but he presses on to make it his goal, his aim, just as Christ has made him his own. If this was not possible, then why press on to make it possible. You and I are temples of the Holy Spirit - justified people, who can have the purity and utter holiness of God because of the blood of Jesus purging us from all sin - it is now time we walk in such a privileged and high calling…...